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Announcing the New, Free Bookkeeping System for People Not Eggheads.

Complicated, expensive accountancy programs could be a thing of the past, thanks to the launch of a new, free accounting system for small businesses and creative-types.

Brightbook (http://www.brightbook.co.uk) is a nice place online to do bookkeeping. It is visually very different to the blue finance-like solutions that we've come to expect from accounting software. You can create invoices, expenses, statements and more; but it's refreshing, bright and welcoming. It's for people, not eggheads.

And there are lots of unusual features that you would never expect to see in a bookkeeping system:
  • Pogo (EA Games) is providing a healthy distraction to bookkeeping with some fun games. When users get bored of finance and need a break, they can disappear inside the virtual rabbit hole for a little light-entertainment.
  • Every few months a famous graphic designer will create an illustration for the site featuring Brightbook's mascot, Mr Egghead. This month's illustration comes courtesy of design legends, eBoy.
  • The dashboard keeps users up-to-date with incomings and outgoings at a glance and is presented in a helpful diary-like format.
  • Brightbook is bookkeeping on the move; there's no need to backup and upgrades happen automatically.
  • Just one click creates a new invoice for an existing customer. To save time, users can also complete the invoice from a drop-down list of regular items.
  • Roll over an invoice and view it without having to click into it.
  • Scanned receipts or PDFs can be easily attached to invoices as expenses.
  • The reports section provides accountants with a full expenses summary and the user with VAT return figures.
  • All this, and Brightbook is fully compatible with other accountancy packages, so it can work in harmony with accountants.
Brightbook is the brainchild of two small business owners, James Henderson and Warwick Leicester, who created Brightbook because they found bookkeeping frustrating and stressful. They wanted to make it simple and fun. James is a creative and Warwick is a developer. They've worked together, been friends and shared offices around Soho, London for the past eight years. This is a personal self-funded project.

James says: "The part that I enjoy least about running a business is the bookkeeping. I hate it, it stresses me out and I'll find any excuse to put it off. We wanted an alternative to the confusing and expensive bookkeeping solutions that we'd tried. We agreed that there should be something much less complicated that didn't feel so 'accounting'."

Joining Brightbook is simple and free for everyone. Just log in at http://www.brightbook.co.uk

In time, the plan is to introduce additional fee-based features and paid options, but the main service will continue to be free (as it is now).

Brightbook has also recently set up a Facebook page for fans to discuss accounting and tax-related issues, talk about their experiences of running a small business, ask questions and share stories: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brightbook/288479974191

Brightbook is currently available for UK-based users only.

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Another alternative of brightbook is capium. I am using capium form last 1 year and must say it is the one stop destination for all the accounting related solutions. They provide different services like bookkeeping, payroll and practice management software etc


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