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T-Shirts and Suits is all about bringing together creative people and smart business thinking.

Successful creative enterprises integrate creativity and business.
T-Shirts and Suits offers an approach which brings together both creative passion and business best practice.

'T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity' is the title of a book written by David Parrish.
It shows how successful creative businesses and cultural enterprises have used business methods appropriately and imaginatively to help them achieve their objectives.
It is available in paperback and also as a free eBook, which can be downloaded, printed and redistributed (including adding it as a resource on other websites).
Information about Book and free eBook

David Parrish continues to write and publish further articles and examples in the 'T-Shirts and Suits blog', to add to the material published in the book.

T-Shirts and Suits mission includes bringing together creative people to help them to develop their creative enterprises even more successfully. T-Shirts and Suits networks include:
-- 'T-Shirts and Suits Coffee Club' - informal networking events which are open to creative people in business and everyone involved in the creative industries, held in cafes in cities around the world. More info >>
-- Facebook - there is an international group of more than 2,000 creative people in business in the group 'T-Shirts and Suits (Creativity and Business)'. More info >>
-- This T-Shirts and Suits Creative Enterprise Network: www.creative-enterprise-network.com

More information about David Parrish - business adviser for creative people, creative industries management consultant, trainer, speaker, writer.

T-Shirts and Suits is also the name of a consultancy and training organisation operating internationally to help creative people become even more successful.

T-Shirts and Suits® is a registered trade mark.

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