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Scribbling and Doodling Cleanses the Creative Mind...

When encountering a creative block or experiencing a serious drop of creative energy, scribbling might be the answer that puts writers, painters or creative entrepreneurs back on their way.

Scribbling is an exercise in letting go, in opening to the moment with its creative potentiel. Scribbling cleases the hand and the mind.

I suggest scribbling any time  your creative energy is thin, lousy or blocked. You may want to scribble when life or the creative process stimulates too much emotion to focus on working on your project, writing or  painting. It can also be done when you “feel like it”…anywhere…anytime.

Keep it quite simple by having only two colors available. Black and red are best.

“This might be the time for you to scribble! Would you like to try?” Go for it. You can move as fast as you want or slow it way down to repeat a curve over and over. Do whatever your hand wants.

Let your energy move and express itself as much as you can!

There are NO rules at all, no limitations!

Scribbling is about letting contracted or repressed energies unfold and express themselves in order to FREE your creativity.

There’s no way to go wrong…and when you are done it goes in the garbage can; crumble it in a ball and throw it there ;)

Scibbling is a wonderful tool that will never get old or obsolete. It deserves our respect.

After completing a scribble, more subtle and precise inspiration manifests and you will be on your way to be your creative self again…trust the process!

~ Nathalie

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