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The BEST OF CINEMATOPIA 09 - Groovy Outdoor Film Night @ GlastonFerret mini festival

An outdoor film screening at a pub mini-festival? Is there a better way to spend a summer night?

The Best of Cinematopia 09 will showcase an awesome line-up of the grooviest short film, music video, animation and digital media from our past events at the outdoor Orange Peel stage. And all this with a turfed pub, live bands, barbeque and real scrumpy (and the outdoor area’s roofed so you don’t need to worry about the British weather ).

Hosted by Kitsch Monkey Productions and the Mad Ferret, Cinematopia is Preston’s only regular movie night screening a themed programme of weird and wonderful films, animation and audio visual media. Themes have included kitsch, trash, psychedelic, avant-garde, sci-fi and spaghetti western.

Friday 26 June. Doors 7pm. Films 9.30pm £3 entry
Mad Ferret, 55 Fylde Road, Preston, Lancs PR1 2XQ
Facebook group: CinematopiaFB
GlastonFerret myspace: GlastonFerret

Before the show we will also be running 'Scrmbls' (or anti-ads) from the exciting global fair-trade content venture ‘SCRMBLR’

“Scrmblr is a global network of content creators (scrmblrs). We come from different places and different disciplines, but share a simple, common goal. We like people who think differently. We are passionate about change and social issues.

As part of our drive to do something good, we're donating 20% of profits to microcredit projects.

Scrmblr works on the premise that traditional advertising is often expensive, fake and dumb. What remains important is the act of telling stories about the things we trade - stories that sell and stories that spread. Scrmblr is here to invent the new advertising - affordable, effective and ethical. Real content, for real people. Fair trade.”

The Good the Bad and the Chorley
Dir/ Prod: Krystal Gault, Kitsch Monkey Productions (UK 2005) 15mins
Against the backdrop of Lancashire, three rival cowboy idiots battle it out to locate a fortune of buried gold and claim it for themselves in this comedy homage to Sergio Leone’s ‘Dollars’ trilogy.

Dir/ Prod. Lasco Atkins, Mabuk Films (UK 2006) 5.33mins
Stop frame homage to samurai movies

We Weren’t Put Together (Artist. David E. Sugar)
Dir/ Prod. Adam Wright & Owen Williams, Tomfoolery Pictures Ltd (UK 2006) 4.46mins
Music Video ft. demented musical machinery and spinning things!

Pilot for a 22nd Century Sitcom
Dir. Graeme Cole, Prod. Debbie Steer, L’Institute Zoom (UK 2005) 4:54mins
“2112 AD: A smug scientist is pushed to his limits when his domestic goddess wife gets the nuclear fear and can no longer see the point in doing her chores. Progress collides with primal instinct when wifey’s worries prove world-shatteringly accurate.”

Noise Clouds
Kinetic Fallacy (UK 2006) 3.47mins
Abstract video from the Kinetic Fallacy – AudioVision project. Kinetic Fallacy uses live multi-media visuals and electronic music performance.

The Magic (Artist. Riley)
Dir/ Prod. Ryan Laccohee (UK 2008) 7.30mins
Collage of found footage and texts exploring psychedelia. Inspired by Kenneth Anger and the visual art of Richard Fearless and Julian House

A Glimpse of Paradise (Artist. Bobby Conn)
Dir/ Prod. Wayne Large & Ian Rainford, Kluncklick (UK 2005) 2mins
Feel the 60s flashbacks with magical animated music videos from psychedelic outfit Kluncklick

Do You Believe in Love? (Artist. Seaboots)
Dir. Kieron T Farrow, Prod. Kiron J (UK 2009) 3.43mins
Retro style music video shot in 16mm/8mm – to uplift and invoke bliss!

Dir. Keith Wright, Frisson Film (UK 2008) 2:05mins
Micro comedy short. “When technology of the future goes wrong, who will be your repair man?”

Where’s Betty Bingo
Dir. Keith Wright, Frisson Film (UK 1999) 10mins
Award winning short film from the Channel 4 series ‘The Shooting Gallery’.
“Documentary filmmaker Arthur Crudd interviews an ex-postal worker who believes his wife has been abducted by aliens”

Dir/ Prod: Steve Phillips, Meboid (UK 2008) 5mins
Promo for debut single ‘Shitkicker’ by Bristol band Malakai.

The VCs: Heaven and Hell
The Chemistry Set (UK 2005) 3:35mins
Sci-fi ‘b’ movie style music promo for 21st Century retro-futurists, surf rock & electronica band The VCs

Stag Movie
Dir. Ben Barton, Round Eye (UK 2008) 4.25mins
A collage of found ‘nudie’ footage in the style of old Stag Movies shown at 1940s bachelor parties

A Message From Outer Space
Dir: Raf Reyntjens & Roel Mandelaers (Belgium 2004) 9:35mins
35mm short presented by KINOFILM MANCHESTER.
Frits is a lonesome, un-worldy astronomer in pursuit of extraterrestrial life in order to find the true friendship which he cannot seem to find on Earth. When one day an egg falls on his head, his lonely existence fills up with hope.

Dir/ Prod. James Whitney (USA 1963-66) 10mins
James Whitney (1921-1982), a filmmaker universally regarded as one of the great masters of Visual Music, created this seminal abstract film over 3 years through the use of early analogue computer equipment (prototype motion control camera) to overlay meticulously hand-painted dot pattern images on cel sheets from multiple angles. Influenced by Jungian psychology the work is based around the meditative-like inward and outward flow of images of the mandala with trance inducing kaleidoscopic patterns.

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